Access Control

The CLIQ Web Manager Help

The CLIQ Web Manager Help You Manage a Key-Based Access Control System

You customize the way you run your own CLIQ access control installation. The CLIQ Web Manager makes it easy to program, reprogram or audit every CLIQ key, cylinder, padlock or updater. And because...
Access Control Systems

Why Outdated Access Control Systems Are a Big Problem

Access control for both physical and cyber systems is equally mission critical, but many organizations today rely on outdated technology and communication protocols that leave them exposed to...
Johnson Controls Announces Videoedge Integration

Johnson Controls Announces Videoedge Integration With Entrapass Go App

Johnson Controls has introduced the integration of the Tyco Kantech EntraPass go Mobile App with the Tyco American Dynamics VideoEdge software, enabling remote management of access control, video and...
Trusted Identity Solutions

‘As A Leader In Trusted Identity Solutions, Our Products And Solutions Help Secure An Individual’s Identity’

We spoke to Prabhuraj Patil, Regional Sales Director, HID Physical Access Solutions-South Asia to understand his organisation’s products in the security domain and how they help protect an...
Code Handle: The PIN-Secured Door Handle

Code Handle: The PIN-Secured Door Handle That Locks Itself

With a Code Handle you never need to worry whether you locked up. When the door closes, Code Handle locks it. You don’t need to put down whatever you are carrying, and no one can open it from the...
Three Access Control Technology Pillars

Three Access Control Technology Pillars Defining the Future-Ready Financial Institution

By Ian Lowe, Dir. Product Marketing, Enterprise Physical Access Control, HID Global The convergence of technology, innovation, new regulation and security risks are rapidly changing banking security...
Hikvision Launches IP Video Intercom System

Hikvision Launches Its Second Generation IP Video Intercom System

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has released its second generation IP video intercom system. This system gives users a safe living...
IOM Access200w Outdoor Iris Reader

Princeton Identity Introduces IOM Access200w Outdoor Iris Reader

Princeton Identity announced the new IOM Access200w iris recognition reader, an environmentally sealed and impact resistant model designed for use outdoors as part of the company’s IOM Access200...
HID Origo Cloud Platform

HID Global Launches Its HID Origo Cloud Platform

HID Global announced the availability of its HID Origo cloud platform that opens a brand-new world of opportunities for partners to create more seamless and intuitive workplace experiences that are...
Physical  Access Control

A Look Inside The Rising Role Of IT In Physical Access Control: HID Global Report

Adeesh Sharma Shifting budgets and responsibilities require IT and physical security teams to consider fundamental change in day-to-day operations While physical security professionals have suspected...
Suprema Xpass S2

Suprema Xpass S2 Smartcard Reader

Xpass S2 effortlessly combines key features of a traditional access control system in an ultra slim form factor and is a cornerstone in Suprema’s distributed IP access control system. Xpass S2 is...