3.5” Linux IoT IP web access control reader from Civintec


CRYSTAL TOUCH family CT9 is Linux based HTTP server centralized reader with TCP/IP Ethernet suitable for both LAN and Internet cloud server sofware communication, CT9 is with embedded relay control for lock control, ideal for both standalone access control system and online server centralized access control moitor in real time, no need of controller. 

With stylish and elegant design, 3.5” touch screen and speaker sound give intuitive and user-friendly clear information to visitor, suite almost all kinds of applications and environments for indoor and outdoor installations and to the highest level of security.

CT9 incorporates with ISO18092 NFC and BLE, QR code mobile phone access ID, and several chip technology RFID dual 125KHz & 13.56MHz contactless smart card which makes it ideal to use where several card populations with different RFID-technologies and/or frequencies should be used at the same time. CT9 is designed to read Secure Access Module's (SAM's) embedded on a SIM-card sized contact chip, compatible with MIFARE SAM AV2 which gives the possibility to further increase the security of storing encryption keys (Evaluation Assurance Level, EAL5+) and also allows for diversification of encryption keys. This combination makes the product flexible for all kinds of security applications and future technology requirements applicable for the security industry.

CT9 TCP/IP reader support QR code display on 3.5" touch screen, visitor use personal mobile phone with app running to scan code to unlock the door. It's flexible to authorize a visitor with his/her valid access time or for duration. SDK is offered for both of your server software and smart phone APP integration. 

CT9 comes with SDK for third party server software integration, ideal for general purchase applications as access control, visitor management, time attendance, facility control, loyalty membership management and cashless payment. SDK also offer the mobile phone app demo with source codes for customer’s mobile APP development by using BLE/NFC/QR code for lock control.

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