Seminar Streams - IFSEC International 2017

Security Management Theatre


Addressing pressing issues facing end-users, including developing employee security awareness programmes, the evolving relationship between physical and IT security and collaboration between policy and the security industry. This year the seminar stream in this theatre will take a particular focus on the use of evolving technologies in the industry.

Tavcom Training Theatre

Security Experts

This theatre is brought to you in partnership with the award winning security system trainers, Tavcom. Designed for installers, integrators and engineers, to get hands on with the latest security solutions, discover what it actually takes to install and maintain this new technology, and quiz trainers on all the ins and outs of the systems at hand.

Smart Theatre

Theatre person speaking

Part of the Smart Zone, including home automation smart buildings, learn about the latest trends and innovations around IOT technology, and integrated security systems. 

Borders & Infrastructure Theatre

Theatre clapping

Hosted within the Borders & Infrastructure Expo, this theatre will focus on learning and discussion for large scale security issues such as border control, critical national infrastructure, large scale events, and the protection of key strategic assets.